- What's new in version -

Bug Fixes:

Please read and follow the directions within the 'AsmC.txt', 'Fasm.txt', 'Masm.txt', 'SolAsm.txt' and 'UAsm.txt' files located in the 'EasyCode' folder.

Also see the 'IMPORTANT REMARKS' section in the Easy Code help file.

Added Features:

  • 1. A new method, 'GetRegistryValueWow64', allows you to get a 64-bit registry value from a 32-bit application, or a 32-bit registry value from a 64-bit application, when running on 64-bit Windows systems. Please see the 'GetRegistryValueWow64' method in the Easy Code help file.
  • 2. A new option in the Tools menu ('Network Info') allows you to get information about your network connection (IP address, location, latitude, time zone, etc.).

Deprecated Features:

  • None