Name property

Available for all objects.

Read/Write at design time
Read only at run time

Specifies a name identifying the object. If it is a window object (Window, MDIWindow or DialogBox) the name has to be unique in the project, while if it is a control object the name has to be unique in the window. For a window object, this is the name used when creating the object at run time (see the Create method).

: Remember that each window in the project needs its window procedure having a name which is formed by its name (that specified by this property) plus the word Procedure. When modifying this property, Easy Code changes the window procedure name according to the new name. The same is applied for a control object procedure, but only if it exists (control objects procedures are optional, so they may not exist).

IMPORTANT: This property always is an ANSI string. Even so, when Easy Code works in Unicode mode (that is, on Windows NT or later) the string returned by the GetName method is internally converted to Unicode.