Modifying the compiler options (all project type)

Easy Code 1.07 and later versions allow you to add, remove and/or modify the compiler's command line options also for visual projects in the Project Properties window. The default options make the projects to be built without errors, so you should be very careful when making changes. Any option you add must be supported by the compiler, of course, and it must be separated by a space from the previous one. For example:

/X /nologo /c /coff /Cp
The command line options are specified for every project, so you can have different options for different projects. If you have any problem building a project, just restore the default options:

/X /nologo /c /coff /Cp /Zp4 /Zi /Zd
/X /nologo /c /coff /Cp /Zp4

The default command line options above will work for both, ml.exe and JWasm.exe. Also, these will be the options set by default when creating a new project.